This Could Be Our Future

Doors open at 9am

Chapter 1: Working Well --- 10am - 11am

What does the future hold for the world of work? How can we re-prioritise production-centric culture?


Matt Phelan
Dan Sodergren
Somi Arian

Chapter 2: Deeds not Words --- 11.15 - 13.00

How can we create empowering spaces for future generations across the breadth of our society to thrive?


Dr. James Manion
Victoria Jenkins
Kaia Allen-Bevan
Katie Vincent

Chapter 3: Release --- 14.00 - 15.00

Our guest curator, Mr. Gee, showcases different ways we release energy; emotional, kinetic, ancestral and masculine. 


Grace Latter
Dr María del Pilar Kaladeen
Lewis Wedlock

Chapter 4: Do Look Up --- 15.30 - 17.00

How do we elevate humanity beyond panet earth, whilst still looking after our own kind?


Melissa Thorpe
Bianca Cefalo
Tommie Eaton
Dina Nayeri

Full Agenda

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This year we welcome Adam back to the stage, after his 2016 talk 'Removing the Stigma of Disability'.  As our host, we're looking forward to Adam's incredible sense of humour and unique capacity to bring people together.

Music: Fukushima Dolphin

Matt Phelan: Co-Founder, The Happiness Index 
Discovering happiness through adventure and the author of Freedom to be Happy.


Dan Sodergren: Future of Work Evangelist

Expert on the future of work, speaker, presenter and entrepreneur.


Somi Arian: Tech Philosopher & Entrepreneur
Bringing a fresh perspective on how our macro environment will change with money and politics in our lifetimes.

Grab a coffee and get some fresh air, ready for the next section.

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Music: Theo 

Dr James Mannion: Director, Rethinking Education
Advocating for implementation science as a way to bring about lasting improvements to people’s lives - and a new way of doing politics?


Victoria Jenkins: CEO & Founder, Unhidden Clothing
Victoria is an award winning adaptive fashion designer, disability advocate and writer of The Little Book of Ableism.


Kaia Allen-Bevan: Racial Justice/Anti-Racism Advocate
Creating brave spaces to integrate anti-racist practices, embrace humility, to question and strive for an equitable future.


Katie Vincent: Charity Sector CEO
Working to ensure LGBT+ children, young people and their families are given spaces to explore in a safe and fun environment.

Just over an hour to wander the Laines or grab lunch.

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Music: Aisha

Gee presented the series “Bespoken Word” & “Rhyme and Reason” on Radio 4 and was a featured guest on BBC 2’s BAFTA nominated “Poetry In The Margins”. Following-on from his 2018 talk 'Have poems, will travel', Gee will bring untold stories to the stage, where we'll hear from people he's met along the way.


Performance:  Shakeil


Grace Latter: Writer & influencer

Grace describes herself as an intermittent writer, an unlikely model and big time advocate for body love and invisible illness awareness. 


Lewis Wedlock: Activist, academic & Social Psychologist

As one of the UK's youngest lecturers, Lewis' work centers around exploring and challenging structures that limit expression. 


Dr María del Pilar Kaladeen: Academic & Writer

Maria is an academic working on the hidden history of Indian indenture in the British Empire.


Performance: Gabrielle Sey


Q&A Panel:  Gee will bring all performers together for Q&A

Our afternoon opportunity to get some fresh air before our final section for the day. 

VIP ticket holders: refreshments available on the mezzanine

Music: Boudia Pepper


Melissa Thorpe: Head of Spaceport Cornwall

Launching into space differently and empowering people on Earth to do good with the space around them.


Bianca Cefalo: Space Scientist & Engineer
Developing the next generation of telecommunications in space, and advocate for girls in STEM.


Tommie Eaton: Co-Founder @BambuuBrush
Advocating for sustainability and the power of one simple change we can all make.


Dina Nayeri: Author of The Ungrateful Refugee

Born in Iran, Dina has lived as a refugee and is now a lecturer at the University of St Andrews.

Adam closes our full day of ideas worth spreading, with closing comments